Custom Pallets

Euro Pallet Solutions provides clients with a custom pallet construction service. We can create non-standard-sized pallets based on the client’s specifications.

Our custom pallet construction service is perfect for clients who are transporting large or usually shaped machinery.

Pallets are also a convenient and easy to use construction material. Pallets are particularly useful for temporary structures.

Our custom pallet construction service is popular with festivals and events who require stages and other temporary buildings and structures.

By utilising our highly experienced pallet construction team, all our custom pallets are regulatory compliant and built using the best heat-treated timber.

Interested in commissioning a once-off pallet or crate construction project? Get in contact with Euro Pallet Solutions today.

Custom Crates

Euro Pallet Solutions provides clients with a custom crate manufacturing service. Our expert team of crate manufactures build crates to the exact specifications of the client.

Customised creates are often used to safely transport large or unusually shaped items.

Using the very best heat-treated wood, our custom creates are built to the very highest of professional and regulatory standards.

Our crates can be used in the construction of temporary structures and are particularly popular with festivals and events.

The custom crate structures we help build and design give an event a rustic, earthy ambiance, and are perfect for music festivals and outdoor concerts.